Awesome Moms

Perfect Timing

I didn’t cry when my daughter left our Connecticut home for a Massachusetts college. I was fine when she later left for California to attend law school. When she transferred to a different law school in Washington, DC, I thought it was really cool.

But this week I kissed her goodbye from Houston, Texas, where we were attending our niece’s wedding. As my darling girl boarded a plane bound for England, where she will be spending her final semester at law school, I cried.

Awesome Moms

Supermom or Awesome Mom?

Supermoms are supposed to single-handedly juggle jobs, families, and love, while tending to our own self-development and growth. In case you believe this fairytale, let me get rid of that pressure for you right now. That’s an impossible myth. Don’t buy into it. Don’t let other people seduce you into buying into it, and definitely don’t let them guilt you into it. It’s a fallacy. Supermoms don’t exist, either. Period.