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When Caffeine Becomes Creepy: 10 Surprise Sources

Nowadays, caffeine is the drug of choice. Did you know that chocolate has added caffeine? You can find it listed in the ingredients as Other Flavors or Spices or, my favorite misnomer, Natural Flavorings (which are all code for “we aren’t going to tell you what’s in here”). According to Honor Whiteman in Medical News Today, so are things like jellybeans, waffles, chewing gum and syrup. That’s crazy (in my humble opinion).

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7 Tips On How To Pull Off A Presentation

It’s Presentation Time! (Yay!) Does the idea of doing a presentation make you want to run and hide? Perhaps your grades depend on a dazzling oral demonstration of your knowledge, or the direction of your job hangs in the balance. My advice? Be prepared, and don’t sweat the small stuff. How would you like 7…